Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just where has the time gone?

Well, where did it go? I honestly have no idea. I remember when I thought I was actually going to make a post everyday on this thing...yea...they may or may not start up again considering I have nothing better to do.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry for the break

Ahh...sometimes its nice to just sit back but then again you'll have to go back to the old grind anyway.

But what to talk about today. . .and the topic chosen at random happens to be -- WISHES yay!

So, you're walking along in the desert and you find a magic lamp. You think wow what a lucky break I've just gotten. You rub it. Nothing Happens. You rub it with your shirt. Still nothing happens. You then proceed to accidentally breathe in some sand that has gusted up. You sneeze and thy genie pops out asking for your three wishes. Not the way you thought it worked huh? Well, all lamps happen to be different-ish. Anyway, you proceed to make your first wish. You try and outsmart said Genie by wishing for unlimited wishes, and as you are about to wish this your mouth is closed and a giant roll of paper is in front of you explaining the clause of the "Genie Code" that says one is not aloud to make a wish pertaining to the amount of wishes. So as you stand there befuddled you figure hmm three wishes . . .

Well If I had three wishes I think I'd know what I'd want them to be. Well obviously I'd want the power to Stop Time. #2 Would be the ability to dance insanely well. # 3 would be give everyone the ability to breathe underwater. . . yea. Now you all know my reasons if you read my rant on clocks why the power to stop time is the single best super power ever. So let's move right on the the ability to dance insanely well. Ok, now the reason I wish I could dance really well would be to basically impress everyone. I think its amazing what some people, like the JabbawockeeZ for instance, can do with their bodies. Its positively nuts. It blows my minds how they can make their body do certain things. Also not only would dancing be able to help, well, my dancing ability, but it would also just give me something I can do for countless hours. I mean just any song comes on and BAM I instantly come up with a dance for it. It would also provide my body with the physical fitness it'd need because I mean honestly, I play volleyball and that's not quite enough I'd say. I don't know. I believe the power to dance very well is very underrated as well. I mean you don't really see many people who can just go around and dance very very well to any song ever. As for wish 3, well I think being able to breathe underwater would solve many problems. We can create cities underwater and other types of food would become much more accessible and therefore cheaper. Humans would be able to continue their exponential growth with no carrying capacity in sight. RULERS OF LAND AND SEA. It would also allow much of the earth's oxygen to restore for a while. If not as many people are on the surface more oxygen can be created rather than used since the people underwater will be able to dislodge the Hydrogen atoms from the Oxygen in water in order to respirate.

Sadly these things are only wishes and will most likely not come true. If they were to come true that'd be a bit ridiculous. Awesome, but ridiculous. Wishes are a lot like hopes that less likely to come true. I mean honestly what last birthday wish did you have that came true? and not some crappy wish I mean like a wish that you didn't think would happen but had a chance. Yea, exactly. Not one. Sad, but what are ya gonna do? So we have to realize that what we have now is precious. We should be thankful that we even have a roof over our head. If you don't have a roof over your head right now then I don't know why you spent your money on a computer rather than some type of roof. Anyway, be grateful for today and hope for tomorrow for what we have now and what we will have are two very different things :-)

Titus exit stage left.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ice Cream

That's right I'll see what I creative nonsense I can come up with the random item of Ice Cream. Alright well lets just start by saying that Cold Stone probably has the best Ice Cream ever. Many people I know say Cold Stone is not good; however, I believe they are misled on the grounds that since Cold Stone is corporate it can not be good. for instance McDonalds. . . now that tastes bad (even though I guess I really wouldn't know anymore since I haven't had it in over 3 and 1/2 years.) Anyway Corporate does not always mean bad. Hell, it usually means something is good because if said thing has enough success to become corporate and stay corporate they must have something good going for them. Again the example is McDonalds. . . I mean someone has have cheap food for us to feed the homeless people of Chicago among other cities with right? Ok Ice cream. . .

What Kind of Person Are You?

I'm an avid internet-er and I often see quizzes on numerous sites saying which Ice Cream flavor are you? See now to me this makes absolutely no sense. I do the quiz. I turn out to be Vanilla. Bland. Boring. Old News. . .Awesome I'm so glad I took a quiz to berate me. This is the best moment of my life. I've been told by a preset quiz basically that I suck at life. I like to believe that this is totally inaccurate. I mean you can't seriously judge a person by what flavor Ice Cream they like or I guess are. There's a limited number of flavors and I'm pretty sure when you get down to the knitty-gritty there is pretty much an infinite amount of types of people. So I thank you Ice Cream for being able to define everyone in the entire world. In my field research of linking Ice Cream to personality that I've spent countless hours on, I've found that many people like the main chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, while the rest of the population hovers around many other more obscure flavors. I've also found that it the whole experiment is total BS! Ice Cream can't decide who you are for many reasons. #1 There is no connection between taste buds and personality. #2 It is very possible for vanilla-likers and chocolate-likers to get along and maybe even find a middle ground with a twist. There is no # 3. #4 , though, is that people who actually pay attention to said quizzes are basically just dumb. . .very very dumb. . .

Pure Ice Cream

You know maybe I should get away from the metaphors for a change. I think I'll just go with describing an Ice Cream experience. As I pull up to the Cold Stone Creamery I notice that it is nicely lit and well decorated. It's the kind of place that just lights up my stomach and readies me to savor that $5 bowl of ice cream. Yea it may be a tad expensive however it is worth it. I come on a friday and so it is crowded. Very Crowded. So Crowded I may need to get the tent out of my car trunk because I will be here a while (Boy scout's motto is be prepared, hence the tent). After the timeless time in line I Find mine place in front of a freezing pane of glass looking into the wonderland that is my decision to pick a flavor of ice cream. I look to the right and see different arrays of vanillas and chocolates. I look to the center to find slightly different flavors such as pistachio, and then it jumps out at me. I see the one I shall choose for this particular bowl of magnificence. Cake Batter ice cream. awwww yea. I knew it was fate that I must get it. . .and I just get it everytime because it is quite amazing. I ask the person behind the counter for a bowl of this delicious cake batter ice cream. They then ask, "what would you like to mix with it?". I look further to my left to find one long row maybe forty, nay, fifty jars of assorted candies and cookies and other goodies to mix in with my cake batter deliciousness. After holding up the already long line I pick Oreos and Caramel (spelling? However it is spelled...its pronounced Car-muhl). The Person crushes the oreos and drips the caramel on and there happens to be a water spot under me. I alert the person," Ma'am maybe you should put a sign that says caution wet right here". She then replies,"Sir, maybe if you'd stop drooling there wouldn't BE a wet spot." I apparently had somewhat of a waterfall coming out of my mouth. Well long story short I got my ice cream and it was quite delicious. My time, tent, and $5 dollars were spent very well.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sleeping is probably one of my favorite times of the day, and no my life isn't that depressing. It's just so relaxing I mean how can you not like sleep. Not to mention there is that whole thing with dreaming, and I love dreaming. You can come up with a world completely made up by you. As in even the laws of physics don't have to apply. They become (insert name here)-ics and it can get quite interesting where your mind wanders. Anyway Sleeping...even just getting ready for sleep is fun I mean its like a very short hibernation...minus all of the stuffing your self full of foods with fat among other things into your body because your body can last 8 hours without food. Sleep is also good for just thinking things over. I mean how many times have you heard the phrase I'll sleep on it? That essentially means when you wake up you'll be able to think about it on a clear mind. I mean come on even the clothes you sleep in are probably the most comfortable thing you wear basically ever.

Teenagers are odd creatures. They have some of the oddest sleep patterns and I'm no stranger to them. They go from waking up at 6:30am and going to bed around 11pm on weekdays to totally changing and waking up around 1pm and going to bed maybe around 4am. Wait did I see a letter switch there? yea. . .I did. am<->pm to pm<->am. Interesting. I always try and make it a point to wake up before 10:30 on weekends just because you lose so much day if you wake up past about that time. I mean you've already missed breakfast and you still have to shower and all that stuff before you can even eat. So you end up having lunch for breakfast and then you're dinner becomes lunch, but then your day ends there so you have no time for real dinner. Unless of course there is the late night meal, like after you've been killing zombies playing Left 4 Dead until 3am and you realize your pretty hungry so you head to your nearest fast food place. YAY DINNER. So back to sleep and teenagers. The unique relationship we have here between these two is delicate. Its kind of like a long distance relationship...that sucks...I mean you have the one person thats home that wants to stay home and reminded very little by little that oh yeah you have something to do. Eventually after putting it off long enough the teenager gives up and gives in to sleep and then doesn't really want to leave ever. So it turns out to be a booty call because then the teenager has to get up and repeats the process of waiting as long as possible. I also like to call it a beddy call. . .yea that joke sucked and I'm aware.

Just a touch back to dream world

This is seriously my favorite part about sleeping so I HAD to touch back on it. I mean its just the coolest thing in the world. Your fantasies of any type come to life. You can give yourself 19 arms to do a bunch of different tasks or just go flying around at your leisure to wherever you want. I mean one moment I'm riding a big wheel in a movie theater and the next I get sucked into the movie and play it out how I see fit. The only bad thing about dreams is when you forget you can do anything you want so you want one thing to happen however in the real world you know that that can't happen so it stays that way. And then you're disappointed and so is everyone else in the dream and you're most likely embarrassed. . .on your own turf (your head) ouch man. So the whole remembering you can do whatever you want is kind of important.

BEFORE you go to sleep.

I like this time as well. It gives me time to reflect on my entire day. Whether I'm thinking about a girl (oh shut up I'm freakin 17) or a class I'm doing terribly in or what I will do the next day, it doesn't matter I just always think. Thinking is one of my past times. . .and I hope it's many people's past times, but I mean there are people on the football team I'm not so sure about. Anyway this is my time to figure out any problems I am having and how I can right them. For instance, I have a project due the next day 7th period. So what do I do? Well concerning my laziness I think of how I can do it during the day at school and what I'll need to bring in order to finish it and what periods I'll be able to do some of the bigger parts of the project. Let's say I'm having a problem with a friend or something. I can take this time before I go to sleep to word out something in order to apologize or get him/her to apologize. And of course you have to over-analyze every single detail about it and come up with an answer for any question they may have.

Well, I believe it is time to go. Please don't be afraid to email me at with a suggestion for something to talk about. Also please check out that banner down there at the bottom of the page...interesting stuff. Anyway I bid you adieu and will be back soon enough to bring you some more Titus Time :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


It is the weekend...time for a break :-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring. Four names I could probably call my kids and get away with it. Well, being a chicagoan I must enjoy the seasonal change or else I'd probably find a nice high place to hang myself by now. This whole change of weather kind of makes things a bit interesting I mean and one point frozen water is falling from the sky and maybe not a week later mother nature is getting all hot and heavy...not literally of course. I mean the weather gets all warm and windy you sickos. Anyway the chaging seasons can get quite interesting around Chicago. We do get some of the craziest weather ever however we must press onward.


Spring, everything starts to come back to life. The flowers look oh so pretty! Many different shades of green are sprouting up from everywhere and cute little bunnies are hopping across the grass. Yea definitely my least favorite season ever. It gets quite rainy and everyone knows that rain is just depressing. We all have experienced those grey spring days where we end up just sitting inside and rotting our cores by watching absolutely nothing on TV. I mean usually the best thing on TV end up being like, I don't know, MacGuyver. MacGuyver never even makes any sense with all his ingenuity. He can somehow put together a smoke bomb with leaves, sticks, paper, and a long ass piece of string. I think he has some super power but thats another story. The only really great thing about spring is that Summer follows in all its glory. Summer is quite the powerhouse giving way to all the fun activities like going to the beach, playing some sport at the park, picking up every single lady you see, because those are all strictly summer things. No other season may have those things ever! Anyway, summer is grand in all and Autumn can be quite nice if you live in Michigan which is why it gets its props over Spring, but Winter probably my favorite. Snow = Awesome. You can build so many different static structures out of it like for instance a snow fort and then have pizza delivery men deliver pizzas to it. This is true I have had that done, and the answer is yes the delivery man does get quite the look on his face when he delivers it to a snow fort. You know. . .now that I realize it I probably should changed this section to the Seasons and I because I'm not really relating this to you am I?


I find marketing one of the oddest things in the world, next to stoicheometry, but honestly it must suck to have to figure out a sales plan for an item one can only sell in a small window of time. Christmas trees for instance. A salesman has from about the end of November to the end of December to sell Christmas trees and that it. You have to haul all of those into your store and then back out because they can only be there for a month. Now a couple days ago I had to watch the Daily Show for AP Government and they came across a phenomenal thing that could essentially kill two birds with one stone. We can save the economy and use Christmas trees at potentially anytime during the year. The Solution's name? EMERGENCY CHRISTMAS. Brilliant. Simply Brilliant. It would kick up spending and many more people would need to buy their Christmas trees. Now there are many other examples of seasonal items but we don't have the time to sit here and just go through more than 1. . .hence x-mas trees. . .

Seasons. . .OUT

Oh Ryan Seacrest. What a tool you can be sometimes with your goofy leaving phrases. (Seacrest. . .Out for those of you who are not up to date on pop culture) So at this time we come to a close for today's blog. One thing I would like to leave with is that if you happen to live in the southern hemisphere you are probably experiencing summer right now and as much as I love winter, there just isn't enough snow and I somewhat envy that whole southern half of the globe over there. But I must be going. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to hear me rant about I'd be more than happy to take emails at

Thanks again

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rant on clocks

Clocks are quite the magnificent creatures aren't they? I mean they keep the one thing that we hold so dear yet barely ever give any credit to. They weave the fabric that our lives are woven onto and how we base the current activity we are undertaking. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be of all kinds of designs. They lay the way for our day to take place. Now just think for a moment (of time) what if we had nothing to keep track of this idea we call time? Well this will be the first thing we tackle today


Oh sounds so horrid I know alarms wouldn't be made the same. They would be all Flintstones style where the shade is pulled down most of the way exposing a very little amount of sun which shines into a magnifying glass which burns a string which releases a pebble to fall on your noggin. Well not only would string become coveted by all but days would be governed by the sun! We'd start saying things like oh its half past 33 degrees east. OK because everyone can instantly take out an astrolabe to measure where the sun is. For some reason there is just no will to even create the simplest of time dials. Well, it is life without clocks so I mean whoever tried to make something even resembling one would just spontaneously combust. That's just what happens in a world without clocks. period. Anyway after the alarm clocks...people in Alaska would be totally effed over I mean they cant use that kind of contraption when the sun only shows it self 6 months out of the year. People would turn into bears. it's like alright hibernation time see ya in half a year. Some people are freaks and time their days down to the very second. So this is again a down-side for people with OCD. However, I'm sure they'd get their angles perfect so they could possibly adapt. Clocks may not be so bad since we essentially can base our day off that big glowy ball in the sky anyway but something else could be in the brew like....


Now this is the ONE GREATEST super power of all time (te he time joke). No, but seriously think about it. Ok I'm a 17 year old. I'm under loads of stress all of the time. With the power to stop time will it'd essentially be gone. I could finish all my homework, do all my work for eagle scout, practice playing a sport, fall into to peer pressure and smoke and hate it btw (it wouldn't do anything to you anyway you are in stop time...everything takes TIME to take effect and if time doesn't effect you and you are operating outside of it then you can do anything you want...even gallons upon gallons of heroine...and be totally fine.), I could make world peace, I could make world war, give money to the poor, take it all for myself, or even jizz in the face of someone sitting at home with their dinner who is on the couch watching Seinfeld. It doesn't matter. You could even read every book on the earth and never age a day. Now with this power comes great responsibility (*yay* stolen lines *yay*) but honestly this will corrupt any one person eventually. This is the scary part. One person could go around and inject everyone in the world with AIDS and that'd just be no bueno except for that person and the single super model who doesn't have it and now they have to repopulate the world. The only person's downfall would be if you stop time while you are falling off a cliff you're still screwed because gravity is still in effect. You only operate outside time not the laws of physics idiot! By the way Clockstoppers didn't know what they hell they were doing . . .


Ahh...the beauty of a newly bought clock that just has that special place on your wall. It will become the center of your day. You will reference when to get your morning coffee, cream your morning bagel, do the morning exercise routine, and other morning things. Well you can throw other times in there to, but did you know we reference our lives to time 73% more in the morning than we do throughout the rest of the day?...If you said no then thats ok because I totally just made that up....Ahh here's a philosophical point do clocks control what we do or do we control what clocks do? think about that. Its my own version of "which came first the chicken or the egg?", but anyway clocks are a marvelous thing and aid us in the management of this thing called time. Clocks continue to influence our decisions because if we read 7am sure we may grab that coffee but if its 11pm you may just be saying, "now why the hell is this coffee in my hand, Imma be up all night if drink this crap!" I mean those are my exact words when I find coffee in my hand at 11pm. . .

Now the next time you look at clock and just think, That is one beautiful clock want a more fruitful relationship with it...and no don't be thinking dirty here. I'm just saying organizing your day more thoroughly is all :D